The role of red meat in a balanced diet

A new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by Dr Carrie Ruxton has been published today in the Nursing Standard for health professionals to consider the role of red meat in a healthy, balanced diet and to discuss the evidence and associations with health outcomes.

Lean red meat is rich in essential nutrients, such as iron and zinc. Recent changes in farming practice have lowered the fat content of meat significantly. Observational studies have associated high meat consumption with negative health outcomes, but these studies have limitations. The only consistent data relate to colorectal cancer, although it is unclear whether the risk relates to all red meat or to processed or  overcooked meats only.

The UK government has recently recommended that high consumers of red meat should reduce their intake to 500g per week, although average meat consumption is actually below this figure. 

The article in Nursing Standard describes patterns of meat consumption, discusses associations with health and offers guidance on how patients can consume meat as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

To access the CPD please visit here 

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