Iron and Red Meat: Did you know?

The causes of iron deficiency are complex and requirements can vary throughout our lives. Currently, around 40 percent of women aged 19 to 34 years in the UK have iron intakes below the minimum amount needed to stay healthy and so are at risk of iron deficiency anaemia. 93% of 16 to 18 year olds consume less than the recommended intake of iron.


Iron deficiency is the most commonly reported nutritional disorder during early childhood. One in five of all children aged between 11 and 14 are iron deficient. We obtain our nutrients from a variety of foods and no one food can provide all the iron we need.


Red meat is one of the best food sources of easily absorbed iron. The iron in meat is more easily absorbed than iron in fruit, vegetables, cereals and eggs. Meat will also help the absorption of iron from vegetables and cereals when eaten at the same meal.


Meat and Health have produced an Iron and Red Meat Fact Sheet to provide details and advice about iron intake. To download a copy of the fact sheet please click here