Coronary heart disease

Should I tell those with, or at risk of, heart disease to cut red meat out of their diet in order to reduce their fat intake?

Those with heart disease or raised cholesterol levels should be encouraged to choose low-fat foods, particularly fruit and vegetables. This does not equate to the exclusion of red meat.

As for those who are overweight or obese, advice should be given to encourage lean red meat as part of a healthy balanced diet which includes foods from all the major food groups. This together with the cooking tips below will ensure that the intake of fat from meat is kept to a minimum.

Encourage the use of leaner cuts of meat (e.g. cubes, steaks, stir-fry strips, and lean mince), going for quality rather than quantity. Although weight for weight lean cuts are usually more expensive than fatty cuts, there will be less waste with leaner meat and therefore a smaller amount will be required.

Ask the butcher for portions of trimmed meat to suit, or cut off any visible fat from meat, and skin from poultry, before cooking or on the plate.

Encourage cooking without the addition of fat with the methods listed previously, by grilling, dry frying, stir-frying or roasting on a rack. Also suggest trying low-fat meat products such as lower-fat sausages and lean rashers of back bacon.

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